I offer Loans and Loans to Individuals: attention to Scam Announcements

Posted by Margaret Nelson

How many times have you read messages on the phone arrived from unknown numbers that offer loans at advantageous rates, how many times surfing on social networks you will have read similar ads, imagining that there are people ready to meet your immediate borrowing needs without any formalities ? Well, these ads, in most cases, are only attempts to scam against you.

Social media are now full of personal loan announcements, loans between people who, overcoming all the bureaucratic obstacles of normal requests, encourage you to address you with trust, perhaps driven by urgent needs, to their dedicated services. The ads you find them in many ways, but you recognize the particular type of user who posts them: a user who has no friends, a user who has no picture if not, at most, that of the profile, a user who has no history social and launches its offer in the most disparate way, entering into discussions of groups with a high presence of members with a standard announcement in which they are given only some of the necessary information to get the money on loan. The first post, therefore, tends to intrigue and make sure to move on to a private conversation.

In private conversation they will ask you for the amount you would need and they will let you know that in a very short time you can count on the money, directly to your bank account, without having to send any documentation except the IBAN and a photocopy of a document. In addition to social media, which are still the first means of engagement, you can find offers of loans on flyers or even receive offers via SMS. Then there are a series of APP or online services that talk about loans between individuals, all types of high risk loans.

Beware of scams

Believing that you have found the solution to your problems, you will send the document and your IBAN to the contact received, waiting for the money on loan, but it is at this moment that take two possible scams against you : in the first case, to open the file, they will ask you to pay in advance the management fees or interest and, once paid the amount requested, no loan will arrive, in the second case the scam will not end up with the money stuck to open the file.

The scammers hold a copy of your document with which they will request various loans which, of course, will not reimburse. A double scam, therefore, that you will discover only after a long time, when the various financial loans to which they have applied for the loans will send you the reminders for the non-payment of the installments. 

Wear Risks

In addition to the scams, an even stronger risk is to fall into the hands of the usurers after joining the amazing offers received from the various announcements. The urgency with which you need the money could lead you to not see that, behind the potential offers used as a skylight, there are interest rates that will grow exponentially making that loan an endless spiral. If you need a loan always contact the official channels and do not be tempted by offers too advantageous that, as you can imagine, if they are excessively advantageous certainly hide something: a potential scam against you.