Consolidation of payday loans -Click here for payday loan consolidation help

Click here for payday loan consolidation help

Have you have seen any consolidation loan ads without collateral? Recently? Did you believe in her? If so, then this official statement is for you – you will learn more about payday loan consolidation.

For the average Smith, the difference between a loan and a loan is purely theoretical, but Polish law perfectly distinguishes these two forms of financial obligations as more advanced and offering greater security guarantees by exchanging loans rather than loans. The latter may be granted by banks and parishes, while credit, although no one formally prohibited them from being granted to other entities, is the domain of only banks.

A consolidation loan without collateral?

Consolidation loans are usually not granted for amounts below PLN 10 thousand, but most often they are even higher – from several dozen to over one hundred thousand, because we most often consolidate mortgage loans, while other expenses are just “icing on the cake.” It is hard to imagine that the bank granted a loan for such an amount, without asking for income or not demanding any collateral. In the case of loan companies, it is a bit different, although it is also not entirely so that the loan is not secured in any way.

To the kitchen

Consolidation loans – because they are advertised as a restructuring of liabilities without additional collateral – are granted by Gilpin. Their interest rate is high, and as for collateral, executive titles with feasibility clauses are often used, or they simply make commitments to debt collection. It must be known that the fact that the lender does not demand any formal security does not in any way diminish his right to claim his claims. In short, if you take out a loan, but you do not pay it back, you must expect a bailiff or debt collector’s visit.

What to watch for without a secured loan?

Unsecured loans are granted for a relatively low amount. The norm in Gilpin is, for example, 40% of the value of the property, which is the security of one of the consolidated liabilities. Anyway, also in the case of consolidation of other receivables, you can not count on high amounts. Advertisements encouraging to incur consolidation loans of 200,000 refer mostly to secured loans.

Of course, as with any type of debt, carefully read the loan agreement and read it with understanding. If a record remains unintelligible, please explain it before signing the documents. In general, however, the most important rule is first to check the offers of banks – their loans, although the procedure for their granting is more complicated, as a rule, they are more advantageous in terms of prices for clients. Remember that the lack of security does not mean that the loan can be ignored by you and the lender will forget about it. There are claims mechanisms that work even with non-bank loans, and using them does not require your participation or consent.

When you really need to consolidate your liabilities in a Gilpin, choose the companies that are the most reliable and those that give the most attractive financial conditions, but those that actually offer cheap and safe credit. If you neglect this principle, there is a risk that instead of relieving you, you will only make things worse, increase your debt and make restructuring your liabilities more difficult.

Debt consolidation: who can benefit?

Debt consolidation is often the first solution offered to people who want to reduce their monthly payments on their debts. Debt consolidation saves interest and has only one payment to make to a single creditor.

How does debt consolidation work?

The basic premise behind a debt consolidation is to combine several debts into one. This is possible by obtaining a consolidation loan from a bank or financial institution.

The Consolidation Loan will allow you to repay all of your high-interest debt at once: credit cards, lines of credit, personal loans, and so on. Once these debts are repaid, it is important that you close your accounts to avoid re-debt. Closing your accounts is often a condition of the consolidation loan.

Take the fictional example of Jean who has several debts and wants to make a debt consolidation:


Debt Balance Interest rate Monthly payment Time required to repay Paid interest
Credit card # 1 $ 5,000 19% $ 180 3 years 1 month $ 14,952
Credit card # 2 $ 10,000 19% $ 230 6 years 3 months $ 7,071
Line of credit $ 24,000 12% $ 500 5 years 6 months $ 8,856
Personal loan $ 18,000 10% $ 385 5 years $ 4,900
Total $ 57,000 13.2% $ 1,295 6 years and 3 months $ 35,779


Debt Balance Interest rate Monthly payment Time required to repay Paid interest
Consolidation $ 57,000 10% $ 1,211 5 years $ 15,665

We note that a debt consolidation would allow Jean to save $ 20,114 in interest, pay off his debts faster and all with a slightly lower monthly payment.

When is debt consolidation beneficial?

Debt consolidation is not necessarily a win-win solution. Here are several signs that a debt consolidation would be appropriate in your case:

  • You have several unsecured debts (credit cards, lines of credit, etc.)
  • Interest rates on your debts are high (over 15%)
  • You have difficulty making your monthly payments on your debts

What are the criteria for being eligible for debt consolidation?


Since debt consolidation is a loan of money, you have to be eligible for a financial institution or bank. The following criteria are generally required:

  • You must have a good credit score
  • You must have a job and stable income
  • You must have an endorser in some cases

What if I am denied debt consolidation?

If your bank or financial institution refuses you a consolidation loan, you still have several options in front of you.

The first option to consider would be the consumer proposal. This solution allows you to offer a partial repayment of your debts to your creditors over a period of up to 60 months. For example, if you have $ 30,000 in debt, you could offer to repay $ 15,000 over 60 months, or $ 250 a month. To make a consumer proposal, you must consult an Insolvency Trustee.

If the consumer proposal is not accepted, but you have equity available on your property, you could qualify for a home equity line of credit. This is a line of credit guaranteed by your property (house, condo, etc.). The interest rate on such a margin is interesting, but make sure you can make the payments, otherwise you could put your property at stake.

Finally, your last resort remains bankruptcy. By declaring a personal bankruptcy, you erase all your debts (except for certain non-dischargeable debts such as fines imposed by the Court). Bankruptcy is your right to a second chance.

Taking Care Of Credit On The Internet

The financial difficulties of Portuguese families and the restriction in the availability of credit by financial institutions have led to the increase of opportunists and online scams, especially with online credit applications. In reality, more and more offers and solutions of personal credit that sit easy, appealing and simple appear that there are only advantages and no inconveniences.

Before deciding on a credit proposal we suggest that you always take into account:


Do not Pay Evaluation Fees

There are many non-financial companies (consultants) that charge an advanced amount to make simulations and pre-approvals of credit applications. In fact, only financial institutions are credible to demand such payments (not that we agree with them) and only banks can approve or disapprove credit applications (even pre-approvals). Do not make down payments. The more likely you will be to never see your money back and not having the credit you need.


Name in the Black List of DP Bank

If you have the name on the blacklist of DP Bank you will not be able to access credit, even if there is some company that promises to do so. The financial institutions do not give credit to those who have the name on the black list of the Bank of Portugal so it is essential to clear their name so we suggest you read how to get off the blacklist of the bank of Portugal.

Evaluate Institution Credibility

You should never compromise with people and institutions that may cause you some discomfort or mistrust. It should seek to assess the credibility of the institution which is increasingly easier in these days. Search on the Internet. Look at the reviews and look for complaints on the various portals. Look for information from friends and visit the DP Bank website. Do not be fooled. When signing the contract with the consultant, be careful and read the contract carefully. If the address of the consultant is a section… probably will be mocked.

Search for Various Alternatives

In our market economy, there is always some room for negotiation because despite all this competition between institutions still exists. If you are a good customer, you have room to negotiate commissions and fees. However, do not forget that easier credit may have associated higher fees and commissions.

Seek Credible Counseling

In any case, we always suggest that you seek counseling with which you most perceive these matters. If in health matters you visit a doctor, in financial matters you can seek the help of an independent consultant who will only have a remuneration in case of financing. The interests are perfectly aligned.

We have left some alerts that will surely prevent you from having a bad experience with your online credit application. We always suggest that you try to analyze different proposals in order to obtain the cheapest and most adequate personal credit for your specific case.


Loans for Students: how to get it with Amazon

An often widespread need among students, particularly university students, is to find a loan to finance their studies. Among the many offers on the market, a recent and advantageous regards the service offered by the American company Amazon.In fact, thanks to the agreement with the bank Wergo, the US giant offers loans designed specifically for students.

How to access the loan and what are its characteristics

The Student Loan is reserved for all members of the Amazon Prime Student loyalty program. All those enrolled in the program can access the student loan to cover all or most of the expenses related to education.

Students get discounts on interest rates starting from half a percentage point by making the request directly on the portal of the American company, leader in electronic commerce. For the moment, the service is only available on the US Amazon site, but will soon expand in all other countries, including Italy.

Amazon Prime is an annual membership program that includes many benefits for those who decide to join. These include: The unlimited number of shipments without additional costs with same day delivery in most Italian municipalities and over one million articles; Morning and Evening Shipping at reduced prices; the opportunity to preview the flash bids, the ability to store an unlimited number of photos on Amazon Drive.

Future considerations and market scenarios

Through the agreement signed with the Wergo bank, the Amazon giant opens up very interesting new market prospects. In the immediate future, this company aims, on the one hand, to increase and retain its customers through the Prime Program and on the other, to increase the range of products offered. The bank Wergo, for its part, obtains a gain directly proportional to the number of loans granted. Amazon’s downtrend in the financial sector is a win-win opportunity for loyal customers who can benefit from very competitive interest rates.

Amazon and Well Fargo discussed this agreement for about a year, establishing a multi-year partnership. For the moment the initiative has started for the US market but soon it will also extend to other countries, including ours.

In fact, Amazon’s entry into the financial sector dates back to 2012 with loans offered to selected sellers operating on the site. This particular service is also active in Italy for a year and is designed for third-party vendors who use the platform and need short-term credit to be more competitive. The subjects in question, at the moment, do not have the possibility to spontaneously request of financing but it is Amazon that selects the most suitable seller, using a specific internal algorithm. This system is based on the popularity of the products of the sellers and the frequency of depletion of their stocks. The student loan is a further, useful piece to expand the offer in all sectors of the financial market. Given the size and popularity of the American colossus, we are sure that this new initiative will be a candidate to have a good result.

I offer Loans and Loans to Individuals: attention to Scam Announcements

How many times have you read messages on the phone arrived from unknown numbers that offer loans at advantageous rates, how many times surfing on social networks you will have read similar ads, imagining that there are people ready to meet your immediate borrowing needs without any formalities ? Well, these ads, in most cases, are only attempts to scam against you.

Social media are now full of personal loan announcements, loans between people who, overcoming all the bureaucratic obstacles of normal requests, encourage you to address you with trust, perhaps driven by urgent needs, to their dedicated services. The ads you find them in many ways, but you recognize the particular type of user who posts them: a user who has no friends, a user who has no picture if not, at most, that of the profile, a user who has no history social and launches its offer in the most disparate way, entering into discussions of groups with a high presence of members with a standard announcement in which they are given only some of the necessary information to get the money on loan. The first post, therefore, tends to intrigue and make sure to move on to a private conversation.

In private conversation they will ask you for the amount you would need and they will let you know that in a very short time you can count on the money, directly to your bank account, without having to send any documentation except the IBAN and a photocopy of a document. In addition to social media, which are still the first means of engagement, you can find offers of loans on flyers or even receive offers via SMS. Then there are a series of APP or online services that talk about loans between individuals, all types of high risk loans.

Beware of scams

Believing that you have found the solution to your problems, you will send the document and your IBAN to the contact received, waiting for the money on loan, but it is at this moment that take two possible scams against you : in the first case, to open the file, they will ask you to pay in advance the management fees or interest and, once paid the amount requested, no loan will arrive, in the second case the scam will not end up with the money stuck to open the file.

The scammers hold a copy of your document with which they will request various loans which, of course, will not reimburse. A double scam, therefore, that you will discover only after a long time, when the various financial loans to which they have applied for the loans will send you the reminders for the non-payment of the installments. 

Wear Risks

In addition to the scams, an even stronger risk is to fall into the hands of the usurers after joining the amazing offers received from the various announcements. The urgency with which you need the money could lead you to not see that, behind the potential offers used as a skylight, there are interest rates that will grow exponentially making that loan an endless spiral. If you need a loan always contact the official channels and do not be tempted by offers too advantageous that, as you can imagine, if they are excessively advantageous certainly hide something: a potential scam against you. 

Loans changed for self-employed workers: how to apply for them

Let’s see how billaged loans work for self-employed workers. All the main features of this particular financing option that provides for a repayment through the payment of bills. Let’s see why choosing this solution and how to make the request, with the guarantees to be presented and all the documentation requested by the banks.

Loans changed for self-employed: main features

Modified loans are loans specifically aimed at the categories of clients who have experienced particular difficulties in receiving a personal loan. For this reason some banks have thought, for example, of loans for bad payers, and therefore with the same formula even self-employed people have the opportunity to receive the desired loan. The reason why self-employed people are often denied personal loans must be sought in the fact of not having a paycheck. This constitutes a constant income for employees every month, which acts as a guarantee for the bank that must provide the loan. Many times freelancers have important income, but they can not however assure the bank that for the entire duration of the financing the monthly budget at their disposal remains constant, and therefore not to have problems in repaying the loan.

Credit institutions therefore have less confidence in self-employed workers than they do for employees or pensioners. All this turns into funding conditions worse than those usually offered for classic personal loans, with rather high interest rates. It is good to specify how the loans without payroll are not to be chosen if the most convenient financing is sought. Why then choose this particular product? The reason is very simple: it is a credit option aimed at all those who can not receive funding in another way. The main characteristic of the loans that have been changed, which differentiates them from other forms of loans, is that they do not include the presentation of the paycheck as required.

As can be seen from the name of the product, the changed loans provide for reimbursement through the payment of bills. The amount will be indicated on the same, which will be defined at the time of the request for financing and will remain constant for the entire duration of the same, and the expiry date. It is very important to respect the deadline, as the bill is an enforceable title, and therefore the loaner can apply to a judge to demand the collection of the unpaid sum, as well as a possible penalty for late payment. This is the main guarantee that the bank has, which is thus protected and can also provide funding to self-employed workers who do not have a paycheck.

How to apply for a loan for self-employed workers: requirements and documentation

If you are interested in loans that have been changed, the first thing you need to do is request a quote from various companies. Unfortunately, for this solution, companies usually do not provide a calculation of the online payment, as the treatment offered is strongly influenced by the profile of the applicant. So our advice is to make an appointment at your bank, or with other companies, so as to present your situation to a consultant who will advise you the best.


As for the requirements, it is usually necessary to offer guarantees such as the ownership of real estate, on which therefore the company could refer in case of non-reimbursement from us. Another solution may be to present a guarantor. In this case, a relative of ours or a friend can assure us of our reliability, and take responsibility for paying any unpaid bills on our behalf. The constraint on this solution is that for which the guarantor must necessarily be an employee.

At the time of requesting the loan for self-employment, it is necessary to bring the identity card and the health card with us so as to allow the company to quickly check the history of our loans received. In place of the paycheck, in this case the income document to be presented to the credit institution to which we refer is the last tax return, which shows our economic situation at the time of the request for financing. Finally, many times it is required the chamber of commerce of their business and the invoice related to domestic users, from which an analysis can be made to assess the maximum payment that can be faced by the customer, considering the earnings and expenses to be incurred each month.



Repayment of real estate loans

Conditions of repayment of a mortgage

When signing the loan agreement, the borrower undertakes to repay his mortgage according to the terms and conditions of the loan offer sent to him. He must repay his loan in arrears, in accordance with the amortization schedule provided to him upon acceptance of the loan offer. The expiry date, also called calendar, of the payment of monthly payments is set each month in arrears. In most cases, this date can be chosen by the borrower.

The mortgage repayment may include an initial deferred period from the remittance of funds. It is limited to three months. Fees are usually charged as soon as the capital is released.

The clauses of the contract may provide for a change of maturity. Thus, the borrower has the possibility, according to the provisions annexed to the contract to modulate the maturities up or down. 
In both cases, a new depreciation schedule is established by the lender. Repayments are spread over a longer period of time in the case of a reduction in monthly payments, or for a shorter period if the borrower opts for an increase in maturity. Of course, this modulation must be accepted by the credit institution.

Procedures for early repayment

The repayment of a mortgage can be made at any time during the term of the loan. Indeed, the outstanding capital can be partially or totally paid back in advance. The choice of an early repayment is a good solution for an unexpected cash flow. But this operation is only interesting if it is carried out in the first years of repayment of a mortgage.

Prepayment fees for a mortgage

According to the Consumer Code, the compensation to be paid by the borrower at an early repayment must not exceed 6 months of interest or it must be limited to 3% of the outstanding capital. Depending on the terms of the loan agreement, the early partial repayment must not be less than 10% of the outstanding capital.

However, exceptions are planned. No compensation is due in the following cases:

  • Sale of the good because of professional transfer of the borrower or co-borrower;
  • Loss of employment of one of the borrowers;
  • Death of the borrower or co-borrower.

Of course, a proof is required by the lender.


Subscribe to a zero rate loan online


The advantages of subscribing one online

Transparency of the subscription

It is with confidence that the user can start their subscription online. The information provided to the bank via the Internet does not constitute a contractual commitment until it has signed the subscription.

The loan will therefore be finalized only after the statutory withdrawal periods and the signature of the offer.

It mentions the loan conditions as well as the amount of the tax credit granted by the State to the bank. It is indeed in this form that the State interests. This mention is proof that the bank is entitled to distribute the loan at zero rate.


This first request for online takes only about ten minutes and allows the user to prepare his project thanks to the zero rate credit. It is important that he prepares the necessary documents to provide the information accurately.

Read also  What are the conditions for opening a zero-interest credit? For example, it concerns its resources and charges, it’s the family situation, the composition of the home, the type of housing covered, or the department and the municipality where the housing is located. It is from this specific data that the bank can mount the mortgage file without interest, which usually takes little time.


The bank, now having indispensable information, can study the PTZ request that has been sent to it. The customer is invited to come to the agency with all the necessary evidence to subscribe to a credit at zero rates: productions that will be verified by the bank before the final file.

Thanks to this vigilance, the borrower can not be granted a loan that he can not repay or that does not correspond to his project.


Authorized banks provide internet users with a service that allows them to apply for zero-rated credit online. Many explanatory notes allow the user to complete the form with ease.

On the bank’s website, he can at any time learn about the different characteristics of zero-rated credit, the conditions of attribution with an example and the possibility of paying the PTZ in advance.

Thanks to the request for a zero-rate online loan, the first-time buyer can consult all this information quietly, without having to leave the house, and prepare his interview with the advisor who will receive it very quickly to finalize  + subscription.