Killing Fields- the battle to feed factory farms

A hidden chain of destruction stretches from the factory farms in Europe to the forests of South America – where huge soy plantations, grown to feed chickens, cows, and pigs in Europe, are wiping out wildlife and making climate change worse.

To make way for soy plantations, thousands of people are being forced from their land. Indigenous people are being evicted and forests are being cleared.
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This groundbreaking film investigates the impacts of growing soy in South America and shows how small-scale farming that is good for people and the environment is losing out to the big business of pesticides – poisoning rural communities, water sources, and nature.

Meanwhile, in Europe, small-scale farming that is good for people and the environment is losing out to big business.
This groundbreaking film investigates the impacts of growing soy in South America to feed factory farms in Europe. Our campaign gives people unwittingly caught up in this damaging chain hope that they can break out of it.
Your health is necessarily the most important thing you own, so investing in it through the right foods is a fat loss the best decisions it’s made entirely. Recently years the awareness of an organic and healthy living has experienced the rise but unfortunately, not all of us have the budget to shop at a healthy grocery store. To address the demand and entice health-conscious customers, many conventional supermarkets have started extremely own organic line, such as Kroger’s Naturally Preferred, Safeway’s O Organics, and Albertson’s Wild Harvest.

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The main issue is unobstructed. Humans no longer need to hunt animals of the jungle bugs wild that you merely to feed their families. Today that involving killing generally known as a sport. Usually for thrill and trophy, not for food or protection. And nowadays most food animals are raised without compassion, in factory farms or in crowded cages.
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